Declaration [src]

clutter_actor_get_pango_context (
  ClutterActor* self

Description [src]

Retrieves the PangoContext for self. The actor’s PangoContext is already configured using the appropriate font map, resolution and font options.

Unlike clutter_actor_create_pango_context(), this context is owend by the ClutterActor and it will be updated each time the options stored by the ClutterBackend change.

You can use the returned PangoContext to create a PangoLayout and render text using cogl_pango_show_layout() to reuse the glyphs cache also used by Clutter.

Return value

Type: PangoContext

The PangoContext for a ClutterActor. The returned PangoContext is owned by the actor and should not be unreferenced by the application code.

The returned data is owned by the instance.