Virtual Method


deprecated: 1.16 

Declaration [src]

realize (
  ClutterActor* self

Description [src]

Realization informs the actor that it is attached to a stage. It can use this to allocate resources if it wanted to delay allocation until it would be rendered. However it is perfectly acceptable for an actor to create resources before being realized because Clutter only ever has a single rendering context so that actor is free to be moved from one stage to another.

This function does nothing if the actor is already realized.

Because a realized actor must have realized parent actors, calling clutter_actor_realize() will also realize all parents of the actor.

This function does not realize child actors, except in the special case that realizing the stage, when the stage is visible, will suddenly map (and thus realize) the children of the stage.

Deprecated since: 1.16

Actors are automatically realized, and nothing requires explicit realization.