enum Cogl.SystemError

Description [src]

Error enumeration for Cogl

The COGL_SYSTEM_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED error can be thrown for a variety of reasons. For example:

  • You’ve tried to use a feature that is not advertised by cogl_has_feature().
  • The GPU can not handle the configuration you have requested. An example might be if you try to use too many texture layers in a single CoglPipeline
  • The driver does not support some configuration.

Currently this is only used by Cogl API marked as experimental so this enum should also be considered experimental.



You tried to use a feature or configuration not currently available.

  • Value: 0
  • Available since: 14

You tried to allocate a resource such as a texture and there wasn’t enough memory.

  • Value: 1
  • Available since: 14