enum Cogl.FrameEvent

Description [src]

Identifiers that are passed to CoglFrameCallback functions (registered using cogl_onscreen_add_frame_callback()) that mark the progression of a frame in some way which usually means that new information will have been accumulated in the frame’s corresponding CoglFrameInfo object.

The last event that will be sent for a frame will be a COGL_FRAME_EVENT_COMPLETE event and so these are a good opportunity to collect statistics about a frame since the CoglFrameInfo should hold the most data at this point.

A frame may not be completed before the next frame can start so applications should avoid needing to collect all statistics for a particular frame before they can start a new frame.



Notifies that the system compositor has acknowledged a frame and is ready for a new frame to be created.

  • Value: 1
  • Available since: 14

Notifies that a frame has ended. This is a good time for applications to collect statistics about the frame since the CoglFrameInfo should hold the most data at this point. No other events should be expected after a COGL_FRAME_EVENT_COMPLETE event.

  • Value: 2
  • Available since: 14