Declaration [src]

clutter_transition_set_to_value (
  ClutterTransition* transition,
  const GValue* value

Description [src]

Sets the final value of the transition.

This is a convenience function that will either create the ClutterInterval used by transition, or will update it if the ClutterTransition:interval is already set.

This function will copy the contents of value, so it is safe to call g_value_unset() after it returns.

If transition already has a ClutterTransition:interval set, then value must hold the same type, or a transformable type, as the interval’s ClutterInterval:value-type property.

This function is meant to be used by language bindings.

This method is renamed to clutter_transition_set_to() in language bindings



Type: GValue

A GValue with the final value of the transition.

The data is owned by the caller of the method.