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final class Clutter.BindingPool : GObject.Object
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Pool for key bindings

ClutterBindingPool is a data structure holding a set of key bindings. Each key binding associates a key symbol (eventually with modifiers) to an action. A callback function is associated to each action.

For a given key symbol and modifier mask combination there can be only one action; for each action there can be only one callback. There can be multiple actions with the same name, and the same callback can be used to handle multiple key bindings.

Actors requiring key bindings should create a new ClutterBindingPool inside their class initialization function and then install actions like this:

static void
foo_class_init (FooClass *klass)
  ClutterBindingPool *binding_pool;

  binding_pool = clutter_binding_pool_get_for_class (klass);

  clutter_binding_pool_install_action (binding_pool, "move-up",
                                       CLUTTER_Up, 0,
                                       G_CALLBACK (foo_action_move_up),
                                       NULL, NULL);
  clutter_binding_pool_install_action (binding_pool, "move-up",
                                       CLUTTER_KP_Up, 0,
                                       G_CALLBACK (foo_action_move_up),
                                       NULL, NULL);

The callback has a signature of:

   gboolean (* callback) (GObject             *instance,
                          const gchar         *action_name,
                          guint                key_val,
                          ClutterModifierType  modifiers,
                          gpointer             user_data);

The actor should then override the ClutterActor::key-press-event and use clutter_binding_pool_activate() to match a ClutterEvent key event structure to one of the actions:

  ClutterBindingPool *pool;

  // retrieve the binding pool for the type of the actor
  pool = clutter_binding_pool_find (G_OBJECT_TYPE_NAME (actor));

  // activate any callback matching the key symbol and modifiers
  // mask of the key event. the returned value can be directly
  // used to signal that the actor has handled the event.
  return clutter_binding_pool_activate (pool,
                                        G_OBJECT (actor));

The clutter_binding_pool_activate() function will return FALSE if no action for the given key binding was found, if the action was blocked (using clutter_binding_pool_block_action()) or if the key binding handler returned FALSE.


hierarchy this ClutterBindingPool ancestor_0 GObject ancestor_0--this




Creates a new ClutterBindingPool that can be used to store key bindings for an actor. The name must be a unique identifier for the binding pool, so that clutter_binding_pool_find() will be able to return the correct binding pool.



Finds the ClutterBindingPool with name.


Retrieves the ClutterBindingPool for the given GObject class and, eventually, creates it. This function is a wrapper around clutter_binding_pool_new() and uses the class type name as the unique name for the binding pool.

Instance methods


Activates the callback associated to the action that is bound to the key_val and modifiers pair.


Blocks all the actions with name action_name inside pool.


Retrieves the name of the action matching the given key symbol and modifiers bitmask.


Installs a new action inside a ClutterBindingPool. The action is bound to key_val and modifiers.


A GClosure variant of clutter_binding_pool_install_action().


Allows overriding the action for key_val and modifiers inside a ClutterBindingPool. See clutter_binding_pool_install_action().


A GClosure variant of clutter_binding_pool_override_action().


Removes the action matching the given key_val, modifiers pair, if any exists.


Unblockes all the actions with name action_name inside pool.

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The unique name of the ClutterBindingPool.


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Class structure

struct ClutterBindingPoolClass {
  GObjectClass parent_class;

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Class members
parent_class: GObjectClass

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