Description [src]

class Cally.Util : Atk.Util
  /* No available fields */

AtkUtil implementation

CallyUtil implements AtkUtil abstract methods. Although it includes the name “Util” it is in fact one of the most important interfaces to be implemented in any ATK toolkit implementation.

For instance, it defines atk_get_root(), the method that returns the root object in the hierarchy. Without it, you don’t have available any accessible object.


hierarchy this CallyUtil ancestor_0 AtkUtil ancestor_0--this ancestor_1 GObject ancestor_1--ancestor_0


Instance methods

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Please see GObject for a full list of methods.


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The notify signal is emitted on an object when one of its properties has its value set through g_object_set_property(), g_object_set(), et al.

Class structure

struct CallyUtilClass {
  /* no available fields */

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